Day 1 #The100DayProject

Day 1 Sep 10, 2016

Just had our family trip to Hong Kong visited my grandma and came back home couple days ago. My lovely wife brought me a good news after a day we back home. She told me that her period didn’t come and we might have a new member join us next year. 2016 in Chinese Zodiac is Monkey (猴) year, which means next year 2017 we will have a Rooster (雞) baby.

If you don’t know your Chinese Zodiac, you can check here The 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac, it will tell you which Chinese Zodiac you are, your lucky numbers and colors.

My Chinese Zodiac is Tiger (虎), and I got 3 lucky number which is 1, 3 and 4. My lucky colors will be blue, grey, white and orange which just suit for me. I am very good looking on grey color t-shirt as you can see in the photo and I always wear white shirt to work.

My wife Ann, her Chinese Zodiac is Dog (狗) and here is where it all begin. We met in a Japanese app chat room, before we met in person she told me her Chinese Zodiac is Pig (豬) and a friend of her is a hacker who helped her to hacked into government system to change her birth year. The reason was she’s a dog lover and if he did it for her, she will agree to go out a date with him. Of course, she made up the story just want to make fun of me. When I was young I never believe hacker was real, that only happen in comic or movie. Until one day I saw the news and know it was real, so I believed her story…

Ann said she wants a girl so the baby will look like her and she will tough her well. I told her my family 95% were boys. so….we might wait for a while to know is a boy or girl. I don’t really mind is a boy or girl, as long as he/she love dogs like we do.


This photo was taken at my grandma’s house, Prince Edward, Hong Kong.


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