Day 3 #The100DayProject

Day 3 Sep 12, 2016

Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant is my grandma’s favorite restaurant.

She comes here once a week for morning tea with my aunt, which just 2 mins away from her house. She wants to bring us to this place for our first big meal in Hong Kong.

This is the first time I introduce my wife Ann to my grandma and aunt. Lucky my grandma can speak some Mandarin, otherwise Ann cannot communicate with them. Ann grown up in southern Taiwan. 99% of people who live in southern Taiwan they speak Hokkien (福建話), and any other languages won’t be popular over there.

In southern Taiwan there is one must visit spot, when you come to Taiwan. If you ask any person in Taiwan about Kenting National Park, they will tell you, you must check out the beach with your friends and family or you can go to the Maobitou Park if you into nature scenic. If you hungry to try out some local food you can go to Kenting Street Night Market, I will make sure you will find something you will be interesting in or something you never seen before.

My brother and I, we are fan of Cantonese Cuisine. Before we flew to Hong Kong we already know what kind of food we want to eat. Suckling Pig definitely is my No.1 choice. In the restaurant you can tell Suckling Pig is a common dish they will have regularly. Every time I saw the picture I can’t stop my mount watering and today was my lucky day.

From left to right, mom, brother, grandma, aunt, father, me, wife.

These photos were taken at Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant, Prince Edward, Hong Kong.


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