Day 4 #The100DayProject

Day 4 Sep 13, 2016

Walked up to the hill saw this street was right next to all the modern buildings. This place in the photo reminds me Jackie Chen’s Hollywood movie ‘Rush Hour’ (1998).

You can see all the signs tell the real side of Hong Kong history and its’ capacity. In Hong Kong you will notice lots of the people in here can speak 3-4 languages, such as Cantonese (廣東話) their local language, which I’m trying to learn for better communication to my aunt and grandma. English communicate to all the people from around the world. Mandarin (普通話) to people from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

My Aunt told us, recently there are lots of Fujian (福建) people migrate to Hong Kong, so you might hear some of the people talking in Chinese, but you won’t understand their conversations. Fujian (福建) and Taiwan mainly speak 2 languages, Mandarin (普通話) Chinese and Hokkien (福建話) dialect.

As we walking around the area we found one of the sign was very interesting. The name is ‘Chopsticks shop’ (筷子記), but on its’ side says Macao’s noodle restaurant? So do they sell chopsticks or noodles? We didn’t walk to the shop, so I guess we will never find out.

I have notice that in Hong Kong, no matter which district you were, you can always find the shop you need. Such as barber, western or oriental restaurant, tea shop, pharmacies, etc.


This photo was taken at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


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