Day 6 #The100DayProject

Day 6 Sep 15, 2016

Day 1 #The100DayProject I mention where we met for the first time. Today I’m gonna tell you how we started to knowing each other by A Post Cards exchange game.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ couple people in the line group came up with an idea “Guessing who will win the match in each game?” There is a rank of corrects number you had guessed, depends on the corrects of the game you guessed, you will received a post card from other participant member who has lower guessing rate. Also the lower guessing rate member will still get 1 post card from random participants.

Ann was in one of the final top rank winners in the whole game, so I was picked to be one of the post card she will received. From the begging she believed Germany will win the championship of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. On the other side, I believed Argentina will win the final, cause they got Leo Messi (梅西). But I was wrong and loss NTD$5,000 in total during the world cup season.

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ I was serving my military service at Yuantan Ecological Park (圓潭自然生態園區) for 1 year. Yuantan Ecological Park (圓潭自然生態園區) is a beautiful nature place located at Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County. It has lots of trails in the area. Bat Ecology Hall was my favorite trail, from one end to another takes 2-3 hours to complete the walk. After the walked with my mate, we back to the dorm to cooked our lunch and took a rest before we back to work place. My friend really like my fried-rice and pleased me to teach him how to make good fried-rice. I told him the trick is you need to use cold rice and you cannot leave or turn off the fire until you done. He asked won’t it burned? I told him the hard part is you need to flip the pan/wok all the time. I was really enjoyed the time there, nature, peace and calm.

Top left photo was taken at General Post Office (GPO), Central, Hong Kong.




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