Day 7 #The100DayProject

Day 7 Sep 16, 2016

We are addicted to coffee. Who doesn’t like coffee? Can we survive without caffeine? We can never imagine what if there’s no coffee one day.

We were so happy that Japan has Starbucks. Most of the coffee in Japan was too bland for us. Starbucks coffee has the same taste all over the world. We spend our Chinese New Year in Japan and it’s our oversea trip together for the very first time. It was very interesting I personally don’t like cinnamon, but Ann love it very much, so we order a cinnamon roll with our hot coffee. I swear to God! I would never believed that I will love cinnamon roll. A very nice young lady who work in Starbucks coffee Ginza Matsuya street shop she helps us to warm up the cinnamon roll and the texture taste better and fluffy. During the order process Ann and I saw her passion of working in Starbucks and we really appreciated the service she has provided.

Starbucks at Jordan, Hong Kong provided English news papers and the place was nice and quiet. Saw lots of foreigner come to the place to read, study and catch up with friends. Very different to Japan. We went 7 different Starbucks in Japan, all we saw were only people catch up with friends and chat. Not much people were reading or spend time with themselves.

I believe everyone should spend some time alone. Myself for example when I was alone I will have enough time to calm down and slow down for what I was doing. Then my brain will start to work and do some thinking. If I was jogging my mind will be more clear to those unsolved questions I had. It will have answer pop out automatically from no where, which makes me confuse all the time. Why I did not think of this solution before until now? Otherwise, those questions won’t bother me that long.

I love being with my wife all the time, cause every time I feel like coffee, she will make an Iced Americano for me.

These pictures were taken at Starbucks coffee Ginza Matsuya street shopJapan and Jordan, Hong Kong.


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