Day 8 #The100DayProject

Day 8 Sep 17, 2016

Green Tea the name of our Yorkshire Terrier .

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.   Author – Unknown. 

Green Tea has been with my wife for 10 years already. Ever time she’s away Green Tea will start looking for her. Check out every square of the house to see if she just playing hide and seek with her. If she know her master was out, she will wait at the door til she’s back. Dogs are very like human. When we are away, they cannot eat well and sleep well. Ann told me Green Tea has lost her weight for 4 days away to Hong Kong. When they back in the room, Green Tea has her appetite back and she run to her feed and water. Ann’s mom told her Green Tea waked up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to checked if Ann was back.

Most of the time Green Tea sleep in my spot right beside Ann. When I go over Ann’s place she will squeeze between us or on the side of me. At the early this year we let Green Tea’s daughter Cocoa come to join the room with us, so now we have 4 ppl sleep on the same bed which cause me back pain every time I wake up. Ann and I we just love to squeeze together. : )

Other 3 members in the house is Cookie the female Sausage dog, two son of Green Tea, Jumbo and Cooper.

All members photos here: Biscuit n Rawhide Bone.

These two photos were taken at Pingtung, Taiwan.


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