Day 9 #The100DayProject

Day 9 Sep 18, 2016

Kenny’s Special Chili Sauce Recipe and Hong Kong Style Hot Pot.

Tofu Soup base with variety seafood, beef, chicken and pork. Geoduck (象拔蚌) is one of mystery seafood to us. It’s not common to see on Taiwanese table. Non of us can recognized Geoduck (象拔蚌) til Aunt told us. The taste just like regular clam, but with scary size. Before we arrived to my grandma’s house. Ann and I saw people were making Pork Wonton in a restaurant and the ingredients were totally different to Taiwan. Hong Konger will put extra shrimp and agaric (木耳) inside. I wonder how it taste like? Too much ingredients will lost our focus and true I had it later that night, I can only tell there was shrimp inside Pork Wonton.

Every time people having Hot Pot will love to make their own sauce to dip with. Aunt made hell of good chili sauce that everyone loves it and Grandma cut fresh chili mix with light soy sauce for everyone. For those foreigner who love Chinese sauces, here I do have my special chili sauce recipe to share.

Kenny’s Special Chili Sauce Recipe:

Ingredients (Serves 2 people)
– 5ml light soy sauce, 2ml drink water (well mix)
– 1g Korean chili powder and 2ml sesame oil (put together)
– 1g chicken powder (well mix)
– 1g salt (well mix)
– 2-3 slices garlic (cut into slices put on top)
– 1/2 shallot (cut into slices put on top)

These pictures were taken at my grandma’s house, Prince Edward, Hong Kong.


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