Day 10 #The100DayProject

Day 10 Sep 19, 2016

Lan Fong Yuen a famous Hong Kong milk tea shop.

Ann said we should try the milk tea, but we just had our coffee and we didn’t know it’s famous than we thought. Walked inside the alley you can see the shops still open for business. As we know market always open for business in the morning and close when is noon. We arrived this place was 2-3 in the afternoon. Lucky we can experienced part of Hong Konger’s life. People don’t yell for bargaining in the market. It was very different back in Taiwan or the movie scene. Too bad we don’t have kitchen in our hotel room, or I will cooked a Hong Kong style meal for my wife. 

Flower shop took her attentions away. She takes photos every time we pass flower shop. I think most of the girls love flowers, even tho they said they don’t like it, but they are so happy every time they receive flowers. I bought Ann some rose at Jianguo Holiday Flower MarketShe took couple selfies right away with rose. 

I mention on the Day 7 #The100DayProject we were in Tokyo, Japan for Chinese New Year. Japan has lots of flower shop at different JR stations. Yes, she collect photos again. Lucky I am the first one and the last one to gave her rose. I am so surprise that she never received rose before. Wondering what were those guys doing when they went after her? 

These photos were taken at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


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