Day 11 #The100DayProject

Day 11 Sep 20, 2016

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre was the first place we visited about Hong Kong history.

If you are into history and artifacts, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre is the place I will recommend you to visit. Explore Our Heritage was one of the amazing permanent exhibition you can discover. As you can see the first photo below, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre has combined Archaeology and Arts together perfectly. It’s fabulous showing that how ancestors wisdom presented blue and white into our daily life.

Ann and I love to discover local history when we are in different countries. Museum are the place showing local history and it’s creativity. You will always find something to inspire you. Blue and white are the two colors will comfort people’s mind and inside I said to Ann. See how ancestors presented their wisdom of combining blue and white. It’s the same when we were in the sky flew over the sea to another country, shuttle between clouds begin our journey, which is the most exciting part every time. We are just starting our journey and going to explore new things with our love one. 

We don’t like to prepare our trip schedule. We decide every morning or the night before where we wanna explore next. Don’t you think on the way of your journey need some surprises? If you know there are surprises waiting for you, won’t you be more excited and motivated? We will! We are not that kind of person when you go on holiday and you schedule all the must go spots to visit without enjoy it. We rather go one or two places a day and take some time to look around feel the culture, enjoy the local food or have a cup of coffee. Most important thing is the people next to you and love to share with you, not the meaningless spot trip.

There is one thing I will be prepare before we go to another country which is our safety and be aware of any kind of danger that might possibly happen. What I will do is go online and search others experiences and what kind of danger they had been through. I will look up this kind of information from time to time til the day we go on our trip. The reason I do this kind of preparation is, I got scammed by Bali police in Indonesia and he took $2,000,000 Rupiah (USD$152) from me. Next day Bali taxi driver told me, you can bargain with him. If you bargain with him you may only need to pay $1,000,000 Rupiah (USD$76). Bali police they just want some pocket money for beer. Nothing serious! At that time, I just want to got off the trouble has no second though. From that time, I learned I am a foreigner, they don’t care who you are, they just want your money. So I check the information online before I visit other country and it did save me on next trip from scam when I was traveled in Korea.

These photos were taken at Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Kowloon Park, Hong Kong.


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