Day 13 #The100DayProject

Day 13 Sep 22, 2016

No.1 spot I will recommand to everyone I knew is Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

HKD$30 for Adult is a fare price to entry Hong Kong Maritime Museum. It has lots of interesting antique stuff to explore inside the museum. It was the Jackpot in this Hong Kong trip, just like winning Jupiter without expectation in casino. 

First photo on the top left is the look of Central Ferry Pier No. 8, Hong Kong. You can see there were buses out side the Ferry Pier. It was the sightseeing bus name ‘Big Bus Hong Kong’ which can take you look around Hong Kong scenery.  They have 3 different routes red, blue and green. The lady selling the tickets was very arrogant, she served only westerner and ignored any of my questions. She only told me ticket costs HKD$450 per person and turned around to other western people introduced the tour to them. I personally will not recommend you take a bus tour in Hong Kong. That amount money you can take the subway to the places you want to visit and enjoy the local food and drink. You will have the same amount of pleasure with spending less of your money.

Top right photo was the light bulb of the lighthouse. The light from the lighthouse are the direction to home to those who work on the sea. Middle photo on the right, Ann was playing the Morse Code. We both found it very interesting, it was our first time to see the real machine. On the left button photo you can experience the real feeling in the submarine. If you are the person easy to get sea sick, this simulation will definitely get you sick in 2 secs.

What are you waiting for, come and explore the fabulous Hong Kong history here.

These photos were taken at Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Central Ferry Pier No. 8, Hong Kong.


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