Day 14 #The100DayProject

Day 14 Sep 23, 2016

Camby my best friend ever. We met in Brisbane, Australia. Lived in a share house for 2 years when we were students in Australia.  

Camby brought us to a popular local restaurant on the last day we’re in Hong Kong which was recommend by his lovely girlfriend. Camby told us his girlfriend Joyce request him to date her there. Home Feel (住家菜) the name of the restaurant. They want you come and feel embrace just like you are home. The tables was fully booked that night and most of the nights, lucky we were on time for our booking.

Hong Konger are expert of soups. One of my expectation of this trip to Hong Kong was to try out the soups. Soup of the day in Home Feel (住家菜) was pork bone with pumpkin. It was very different to western style. It has the fresh and light textured, no heavy creamy tasted like western. Scallops chicken fried rice served in bamboo container is one of the Home Feel (住家菜) signature dish. Hong Konger use lots of scallops for cooking, and it’s amazing combination for scallops and chicken. Ann has never had this kind of fried rice before. She was so surprised the good tasted of bamboo fried rice. Beancurd skin, dried shrimp with seasonal veggies was my favorite dish. It has a tasted which was very familiar back home.

I think the main reason Camby wants to bring us to try out Home Feel (住家菜) was when he visited Taiwan in 2014 a friend and I invited him to $100 stir-fries. It was a totally different feel from anywhere in the world. Camby told us he never had any kind of dishes were so delicious like Taiwan dishes. He keep asking What is this? What is that? Oh my god! This is incredible! He said we are so lucky to can have this kind of food anytime we want, and it’s very cheap!

For those who wants to visit Taiwan,  $100 stir-fries should be in your bucket list.

These photo were taken at Home Feel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


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