Day 15 #The100DayProject

Day 15  Sep 24, 2016

What threatens corals?

Sightseeing tourism without care

Sightseeing tourism are the business created by human which we can enjoy the beauty of natural, but we didn’t notice the harm we made til oceanographers given strong points of coral reefs are currently threaten with extinction. I have tried snorkeling at Great Barrier Reef Queensland, Australia. I have to said it was the most beautiful place I ever been to. As my observation I know how it will harm those coral reefs. While you swim your flippers will accidentally kick the coral reefs. For those who are first time or less experience like me, you will find it’s really hard to maintain the balance of kicking water, but to coral reefs.

I believed there were people thought about this kind of questions. But you cannot stop people not to look at those beautiful coral reefs. Currently what we could do and put it into action, if coach or anyone could give a better lesson before people went on snorkeling, they will be more careful when they swim. I’m not saying No to snorkeling, but with more care will be good to the environment.

Coastal development

Marinas and resorts build on carol reefs, golf courses located near the coast are all satisfied to human needs. Coastal developer is one of the main causes of the damaging environment, they sees the opportunity on tourism and aiming rich people to buy property. Developer may have their own way to prevent the environment, but it still change reefs’ ecological.

Rethink: Is there any other way we can prevent the environment being damage?

Destructive fishing (over fishing)

Sushi lover have highly demands on any kind of fish world wide. Over fishing problem has never been solved. Here are the top 10 fish species facing extinction.

10 Fish You’re Eating That Are Endangered Species

  1. Bluefin tuna
  2. Sturgeon
  3. Sea bass
  4. Atlantic salmon
  5. Skate
  6. Atlantic cod
  7. Halibut
  8. Haddock
  9. Eel
  10. Orange roughy

Coral mining

Human sees the beauty of Coral reefs and turn into values which are easy to shop on eBay or personal websites. You can even find life coral reefs for sale on those websites. Every single coral reefs worth hundreds of dollars. The market size are millions dollar each year. But not much people know coral reefs can provide more than just money. It can protect and provide food to small fish species. Small fish species paragenesis with coral reefs, they help the reefs to combat disease. Coral reefs also are a new source of medicines. Shouldn’t we protect this valuable resource?

Pollution cause Sea water temperature raising 

Global warming (climate change) the biggest pollution to our mother land and sea. Our sea purification ability are not powerful as before. After all kind of pollution into water such as garbage, gas oil, carbon dioxide emissions which are raising the temperature of the sea water. Coral reefs are one of the sensitive species, they will notice the changes of their living environment. The will died easily and small fish species will be gone. People knows it, but no one change it. Wait to next generation will be to late.

Support, Join or Follow the action >>> Reef Defenders



This photo was taken at Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Central Ferry Pier No. 8, Hong Kong.


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