Day 16 #The100DayProject

Day 16 Sep 25, 2016

My favorite Hong Kong comic books Dragon Tiger Gate.

Day 2 in Hong Kong Ann and I were on our way to Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. We found Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars inside the Kowloon Park. Look at these status it recalled my memory when I was in Australia. I spend my weekend at Sunnybank Hills Library to read Dragon Tiger Gate comic books. The Dragon Tiger Gate comic books were donated by oversea students who completed their study in Australia, so the library does not have all the series. But I am satisfied with free comics. 

I start to read comics when I was elementary school. At that time Japanese comics are very popular in Taiwan. Cannot recall which comic I started to read. ガンバ! Ganba! Fly high and デカスロン King of Sports are the two comics I like and I will read again and again. DC and Marvel weren’t famous in Asian which is a shame I can’t grow with all kind of super heroes. Otherwise, I will have my American dream. Ann is a fan of Batman, I think the reason is we have Batman on movies more than other heroes.

I am fan of Marvel heroes. I start to become a fan after Hugh Jackman taken the role of Wolverine in year 2000. He makes the role alive. Wolverine 3 might be his last time playing the role of Wolverine. Ann and I, we cannot imagine other people who can play the role as good as Hugh Jackman. Movie starts choosing superhero scripts are very careful. Once you take the role your stereotype will be forever, audience will remember you by the superhero character. Few good examples such as WolverineCaptain America, Thor and Loki, etc.

I believe every man has a superhero dream and Wolverine is my first one and the last. For those who are not familiar Hong Kong comics I will recommend Dragon Tiger Gate and The Storm Warriors which are best comic with oriental feel.

龍虎門, Dragon Tiger Gate


華英雄, 中華英雄, Wah Ying Hung, A Man Called Hero


步驚雲, 風雲, Bu Jing Yun, The Storm Warriors

These photos were taken at Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars, Kowloon Park, Hong Kong.


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