Day 17 #The100DayProject

Day 17 Sep 26, 2016

Tsukiji Fish Market most famous and sushi cradle in Tokyo, Japan.

The first big line we saw in Tsukiji Fish Market was Pork Ramen. Didn’t get the shot of the line, we wait 30 mins for a blow of Pork Ramen. When you get to Tsukiji Fish Market you will find lots of the shops with a long line, but as a tourist you won’t have that much time to wait for every line you see. We came up with an idea. Walk from one end to another and pick the most shareable food. 

Pork Ramen was on one of the worth to try list. Lots of people love to travel Japan because Japan is a Ramen country. For many people they didn’t know the best part of Japanese ramen is the soup base. Japanese spend long time on cooking the soup base then put noodle, precooked meat and other ingredients inside the soup. One good thing in Japan is you can easily find a ramen shop in JR line. Udon noodle is my favorite, it taste lighter than regular noodle and the soup base not too salty that you can drink up to last drop. 

Many Japanese has a dream to open their own noodle shop or sushi bar. One of my Japanese ESL classmate name Kazu told everyone in the class he wants to open a sushi bar and he won’t worry about making money. I think what he wants to pass the massage to us was “Dream cannot measure by the money”. As an old phrase in Chinese: “Just do what you wanna do and all the problems will be solved on the way.” He is a manly Kyushu boy and very friendly to everyone. At the time he was in Australia. He tried ruby with Aussie which I was very envy him. I didn’t try to play ruby cause I think my size is too small and I possibly will end up in the hospital. I had an odd feel every time I saw Japanese playing a sport. It feels like they are embracing life. I’m glad my first time to Japan was with my loyal wife.

These photos were taken outside of Tsukiji Fish Market.

Tsukiji Fish Market Map(Eng)


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