Day 19 #The100DayProject

Day 19 Sep 28, 2016

When in Rome, do as Romans do. Jujo local suburb in Tokyo, Japan.

2 weeks in Japan we bought some street food at Jujo Ginza shopping mall (十条銀座商店街)1 which was very close to where we stayed in Japan. A friend of Ann (Lilian) they grown up together, she married to a Japanese guy and live between Jujo station (十条駅) and Akabane Station (赤羽駅). Lilian told us west Akabane is a good suburb and you can often run into  TV starts at Jujo Ginza shopping mall 2We saw a TV interviewed on the other night to a local obasan at Jujo Ginza shopping mall 2. It seems pretty common to get a random interview in Japan. No one was watching or interfered the interview. The people in here are friendly and the food is cheap as well.

Most of the cheap food were fried foods or Yakitori (焼き鳥). We were shocked that Japanese love to buy fried foods home for dinner. Lilian explained to us the reason was Japanese found it was very troublesome to clean the fried oil. In Japan has very strict policy on garbage classification. You can only throughout the certain items on the day government allows. Otherwise, the garbage won’t come to the neighborhood for a week or two. This is the reason why Japanese sell lots fried food and less veggies, which gave us another headache problem. Ann and I love veggies more than meat. I had experienced being a vegetarian for 3 days and I was totally fine with it. On the other side, my friends want to barbecue right after 3 days vegetarian tour. 

Cheap street foods for different nights. Fried chicken, grill fish, Japanese style DongPo Pork (東坡肉), pudding, omelette egg rice, extremely salty red caviar, home cooked veggie soup. 

Kenny’s easy DongPo Pork (東坡肉) recipe  

Ingredients (Serves 2 large man size)
– 2lbs dice pork belly, 3 bunches green shallots, 8 slices gingers 
– 150ml shaoxing wine, 100ml light soy sauce, 50ml dark soy sauce
– 50-100g ice sugar (depend on personal taste)
– well mix all the ingredients and slow cook for 20-30 mins or dry
– stri from time to time without burn


These photos were taken at Japan.


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