Day 20 #The100DayProject

Day 20 Sep 29, 2016

Yakitori (焼き鳥) as Japanese traditional street food become no.1 popularity food after work with beer.

Chicken soft bone was my favorite yakitori(焼き鳥) in Japan. I bought it at yumenogotoshi (鳥大) in Jujo Ginza shopping mall (十条銀座商店街)1. They have on sale every day before they closed at 6 pm,  same as many other stores. Japanese mom will come at this time to buy the ingredients to cook for dinner. There is a lady with her french bulldog will come here to walk everyday. Japanese won’t buy large amount of food stock at once. They only buy the things the need, which save a lot of wasting and having the fresh food all the time. Jujo Ginza is like a back yard to local residents. We always come here to find the things we need. 

Kushi Dango was one of the snacks we had the most. It only cost 1/3 price in Japan than Taiwan. Skewered rice ball are general made from glutinous rice, sugar and light soy sauce. It’s a simple and delicious food you can get it anywhere in Japan. 

These photos were taken at Japan.


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