Day 21 #The100DayProject

Day 21 Sep 30,  206

Lilian’s favorite local restaurant in Ikebukuro (池袋), Japan.

Ann and I did not think of going to a restaurant sit down and order a meal in Japan. We were focus on the traditional street food or local famous spots. Thanks to Lilian brought us to such a fancy restaurant. She ordered her favorite sushi blow for Ann and suggested red wine beef with rice for me. Lilian just had a baby, so she did not have time to had lunch with us. She paid for our meals and left. (This is Taiwan tradition, buy your friend a meal as a welcome them to the visit).

Too bad she didn’t have time with us, I believed they will have so much to talked. Lilian and Ann spend their adolescence together, every time Ann tell me a crazy story when she was young, Lilian always be there with her. Finally I met Lilian in Japan and I know she must be rebel as Ann when they were puberty. (girls get a little bit crazy sometimes.) The food in this restaurant were great. Lots of young Japanese and office worker come here for lunch. We can tell this place is only know by local people, we felt like we found a secret spot. During the lunch I notice Japanese are a chatty nation. They always have different topics to talk, alto I did not understand Japanese, but I can tell they love to share every little thing of life to friends. Wondering what Japanese conversations will be, some of them talk like high speed rail. 

Being a girl to wife to a mom isn’t an easy thing. You will become another person, whole new personality. Is week 7 of the pregnancy for Ann, she spend lots of time on sleeping. I asked her was Lilian has the same symptom? She said yes. I assumed all the mommy will need to sleep more while carrying a baby, cause baby need to growth as well. Here are some helpful links below, check out if you need.

babycenter Pregnancy

Pregnancy Fatigue: 6 Tips to Feel Less Tired

The Pregnancy Diet

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These photo were taken at Ikebukuro (池袋).


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