Day 22 #The100DayProject

Day 22 Oct 1, 2016

Japanese burgers are awesome!

I have the said the best burger I ever had was in Japan. So many years I thought only American can make the burgers right! I was wrong. Japan has freshly made burger and 10 times better than any other franchises. This was the new spicy chicken burger of Freshness Burger, Japan. Walked into the door to the counter we decided to order something new to try out. Ann is not a fan of spicy food. but we saw the new spicy chicken burger was the only new product attracts us. I told her I can help her to finish the burger. It was out of surprised. Both of us never had a burger that made us wow! I check on the menu and I found every ingredients they used were from local farmer. This is a local farmer support project they have. Helping the local farmers by using their fresh products, these are the actions we will support.

Ann was  so happy that she found the shop accidentally. Put an extra credit on her to our trip. One of many surprises in the trip. She asked me to bring her to Australia one day so she can try the best fries I says many time. Nondo’s has the best grill halal chicken and  fries with PERi PERi salt. At first I did not want to try out this restaurant. One day one of my friend suggest to have dinner at Nondo’s. He said to us they have the best chicken and fries you have to tried out, and he couldn’t wait to lead the road. Well he was right. The chicken and fries were very unique and once you have it you will never forget. After that I went to Nondo’s once a week with Camby. I have tried 5 day for Nando’s and didn’t feel sick of it. I wish there are burgers that I can have 7 days straight. 

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These photos were taken at Freshness Burger Nihonbashimeijizamae, Japan.


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