Day 24 #The100DayProject

Day Oct 3, 2016

When you in Japan you can see lots of restaurants sells 大海老天丼おいしいWe had our 大海老天丼おいしい after the visited to Edo-Tokyo Museum (江戸東京博物館)

大海老天丼おいしい is one of the classic traditional Japanese food.  I mention before is not easy the have veggies as a traveler in Japan. We ordered a 大海老天丼おいしい  with lots of fried veggies. I have to said Japanese are really good at fried veggies. We had fried capsicum, sweet potato, green beans, and eggplant. It reminds me the best fried eggplant I had was at Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. It’s a pizza restaurant and fried eggplant is their signature dish as fries. They don’t sell potato fries.

As you can see the menu 大海老天丼おいしい restaurant has lots of items, the one I order came with a udon noodle soup. It was freezing cold and Ann want some hot soup. Unfortunately, Japanese not good at making soup as Hong Kongers. There weren’t any soup option on the menu which I ordered the combination set. She felt alive again after she had some udon soup base. Ann is born and rise in southern Taiwan which is the hotties subtropical area. She said “Next time I want to go to Kyoto1, but do not come at winter again, I love summer! I’m HOT like summer!” I said “Okay! I wanna come again anyway. Let’s go where you want to go. Kyoto2 it is.”

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There photos were taken at Ryogoku Station (両国駅), Japan.


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