Day 25 #The100DayProject

Day 25 Oct 4, 2016

Goyza Japanese Pan Fried Dumplings original import from China. In north China every family will have dumpling when is Chinese New Year.

We saw this restaurant on the first day in Japan and I told Ann (my wife) I wanna try some Japanese dumplings. I haven’t had any for two months in Portland, USA. I want to know the difference between Taiwan dumplings and Japan dumplings, which one is better? Ann said okay, the food on the menu looks good, let’s go line up. But I know she just too cold too stayed outside.

It’s a small shop with full of people. We ordered 2 different types of veggies noodle soup with dumplings. We first tried the dumplings cause they cooked it beautifully. The taste was just okay acceptable, but a little bit too oily and the bottom weren’t crispy enough. Japanese seems love the Goyza very much. You can see lots of restaurants selling Goyza. I personally will recommend any Japanese or foreigner who wants to have awesome dumpling you should go to China. I have to admitted they are the king of dumplings. If you want to try different type of dumpling. You can visit Korea where you can find fried dumpling. 

The best dumpling I ever had was the gift from my boss who was from Tianjin while was Chinese New Year and I was working in his Kebab shop in South Bank, Brisbane. Over all it’s a great meal to warm us up, so we can continue our journey.

These photos were taken in Japan.


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