Day 29 #The100DayProject

Day 29 Oct 8, 2016

Onigiri, Japanese roast white rice formed into triangular shape cover with Katsuobushi.

This cat brand onigiri run by a Japanese couple. They sell 2 types of onigiri and limited everyday. We were the 7 customer from the end of the line. Then a guy dress up in a cat costume at the end of the line to tell people they sold out for the day. Ann told me when her father is in this situation, he will buy rest of the onigiris so the people behind him will have to watch him eat. He enjoy to do unharmed prank like this.

I never had any onigiri before, so I wasn’t sure the real taste like. Roast onigiri with Japanese soy sauce wrap with Katsuobushi is amazing. I often cook garlic fried rice so I’m sure the texture gonna be good. Ann like light flavor food. When the moment she has it. She loves it. She said we should get two of these, but they sold out. I told her onigiri is good and one is enough. I am sure we can fine something else is good here and I feel like coffee right now.

These photos were taken at Saiwaicho (幸町), Kawagoeshi, Japan. 


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