Day 30 #The100DayProject

Day 30 Oct 9, 2016

Kawagoeshi (小江戶川越市) is amazing city. You will fall into the local atmosphere with no doubt.

Edo period was the most stunning time in Japan. You can find all the famous Japanese heroes were from Edo period. Most well know war hero was Tokugawa Ieyasu (德川家康). Even lots of comics, animations and dramas’ prototype was him. You may curious what kind of war hero he is? In fact he is a villain hero and play the most important character. 

Kawagoeshi (小江戶川越市) has preserved the old houses nicely which Ann is very interested. This place not just for tourists but Japanese from all over the country as well. You can find lots of couple and families here. Ann was really enjoy the walk in here. Is like you travelling to time space. If people dress up Edo period costumes I believe people will stun by this place.

Most of the Japanese cannot speak English, and it won’t be a problem. They already used to this kind of situation and they know what you need. You can see the price tag on the sales item. You will not to worry being scam in Japan. Cause it won’t happen! I would be worry if I go to any other countries, such as Thailand or India.

Seat cushion and work clothes were the most attracted to me. Seat cushion are very soft, you can use it as a pillow or single bed. Work clothes design into 2 main types, winter and summer. The outlook of the work clothes are all summer. Only way to distinguish winter work clothes and summer work clothes is by touching them. The weight are different and wearing winter work clothes is like wearing a quilt on you. Really heavy tho.

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These photos were taken at Kawagoeshi (小江戶川越市), Japan. 


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