Day 32 #The100DayProject

Day 32 Oct 11, 2016

You are my destiny. (song) She told me she will only love one person and one person only.

We got married on June 30th, 2016. It’s our big day. Once in a lifetime. When she told me she never think of she will fall in love and get married. She felt so weird while she getting married and after. She though she will live alone with our 5 dogs and age. Ann has never been in a relationship. There were couple guys tried to took her out on a date, but never succeed. After we met online and chatted for a while. She decided to meet me in person. At the begging Ann wasn’t talkative, but I can feel she had a crash on me. When we start to date, she closed the restaurant she opened with a friend. She said she didn’t like to work with that friend. When she got sick she still had to work. No one will or no one can cover for her and she didn’t get any support from her friend as a team. She said I pull her out from that depressing life she had. Now she can have her own life and start fresh.

We both amaze by time passed. A year and half since we met and we got married. This weren’t something in our plan, but we both think we might found the right person. I am glad I made the decision. We made our own marriage certificate. We can not find any template we really like so we decided to make one ourselves. I came up with an idea we can put some patterns as background and the patterns will represent each of us. I had my bachelor degree in Australia and spend couple years there, so I picked the national symbol of Australia to represent me, also our marriage. Ann used Sakura which she has tattoo on her forearm as the symbol to represent her. (I mention on Day 28 #The100DayProject) The lady helped us with the marriage paper work was shock. She said she never saw a marriage certificate that beautiful.


We got married on June 30th, 2016.


The lady help us for the paper work.


We received present of Moai from Pen when we back from the Household Registration Office as Mr. and Mrs. Lai.

1467362838155Thank you for the wish and present. We love you Pen.



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