Day 33 #The100DayProject

Day 33 Oct 12, 2016

If you ask me what is the food taste like in heaven? I would say go to Nando’s and try out the grill chicken and PERi PERi chips.

Thanks to Angus send me the dream sauce. I mention the best chips I had was in a chicken restaurant. We don’t have any kind of chips or salt in Taiwan is closed to the PERi PERi salt taste chips, so Ann cannot imagine the taste like. I texted Angus if he could help me to buy some PERi PERi salt and chicken sauce in Australia then send it to me. He has no question ask, cause he know I love Nando’s and he know I will do the same thing to him if he need anything. Also I told him I want to let my beautiful wife to try the best grill chicken sauce in the world.


Best sauce ever, all the thanks to Angus.

Didn’t know Nando’s has this kind of fancy scissors knife. Ann volunteer to cooked the chicken for me. She asked me what is the technique on cooking chicken?  I told her the technique is to cook the chicken well done so I don’t end up in hospital. ahahaha


Home made PERi PERi chicken.


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