Day 34 #The100DayProject

Day 34 Oct 13, 2016

A day tour to Pingtung Technology University.

PTU has a large landscape for our fur kids to run. Wearing my well fit sesame street shirt. I am not a fan of sesame street cartoon, but I love the character on the shirt design. Every time I visit Pingtung my wife’s house. Our fur kids always give the warmest welcome ever, cause they knew every time I visit I will take them out for run or I will cook a delicious meal for them.

Let me introduce the member of the family to you. Green Tea is the mommy always stay on Ann’s side. Cookie auntie the sausage dog. She love all kind of meats and veggies. Never picky on food. Cocoa the big sister and my loyal fan. She go wherever I go. When I was in Portland, USA for 2 months and I didn’t visit them. Cocoa thought I abandon her and she had sad face for couple weeks until I back. Jumbo has the golden color fur. His fur are so soft after shower and he is the naughtiest one in the house. Cooper is the youngest brother, but with oldest face and he does not know.

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These photos were taken at Pingtung Technology University on Oct 9, 2015.


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