Day 35 #The100DayProject

Day 35 Oct 14, 2016

Who wants to try some classic Australian dessert? Ann: me ~

Ann: Can you make any Australian food?

Kenny: Does hot dog on white bread count?

Ann: No. I mean special, something I never had before.

Kenny: Okay, you got me. Let me think.

Ann: It can be anything, don’t have to be a meal. How about dessert? What’s the most famous or common dessert Australia people will have?

Kenny: I had an Aussie sharemate, he is a PE teacher and he always buy the biggest lamington cake from Coles market. He said he always enjoy a piece of lamington cake after lunch.

Ann: Lamington cake? Have you tried it? How is the taste like?

Kenny: Yeah, it tasted like chocolate and lemon. Do you want to try? Let’s find a receipt.

Ann: Searching in Google. There is no ingredient name lemon in the receipt.

Kenny: ….maybe I remember it wrong tho. Anyway we still can make the lamington cake.

Kenny’s Lamington cake receipt:

– 4 eggs, 150g sugar and 200g unsalted butter well mix with 1 tbsp vanilla  
– 150g flour and 250ml milk, bake 180˚C for 25 mins 
– cool down and cut into 5 cm cube 
– dip with melt 1 large Dutch chocolate and roll into coconut powder (70g need)

Ann: So the taste like this?

Kenny: um…not really, but I think we made it taste better.

Ann: Well if you say so.


First ever homemade Australian dessert Lamington cake.


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