Day 36 #The100DayProject

Day 36 Oct 15, 2016

Have you ever woke up and your dream came true? 

When I was young I had a cute little Sable Pomeranian dog. I remember I was elementary school and one day my father brought back a Sable Pomeranian dog just few months old. He told me he was at an intersection wait for traffic light and there was a businessman on a scooter passing the intersection in front of him. The businessman has a box with 2 Pomeranian dog in it. He ride over a dent on the road and one of the Pomeranian dog fall out from the hole under the box. My father run to that little thing and bring him home. We name him Pii (小皮) because he was very naughty. He bring lots of joy to us. I couldn’t grow old with him cause he was lost and never be found. One day he hang out with my father to a book store. As people who love dogs all know some of the dogs are afraid of human, so he run away and never came back.

First time I visited Pingtung was a date with Ann. She brought Jumbo with her and picked me up at train station. We drove 2 hours to Kenting National Park. First time I met with Jumbo he has really long hair like a mop. He was running crazy at White Sand Bay. I didn’t know she was testing me to see if I love dogs or not. She wants people who love her also love dogs as well.

For example Ann and I had a mutual friend name Ace who invited Ann into line group. They know each other for 10 years from bbs chat room and they only met one time in person. I guess Ace had a crash on her so he asked her out for dinner. Ace wants to bring Ann to a restaurant, but Ann brought Cooper with her, so they couldn’t go to a restaurant. At this point she can tell Ace wasn’t into animals like she does, but she doesn’t care at all, cause Ann wasn’t interested about relationship.

Ann found out I don’t mind staying with dogs and I am find to eat anywhere. Don’t have to be a restaurant or expensive brand name clothes. Most importantly I love dogs, so she willing to go further with me. Now I feel so lucky to have them as family.

Creepy Green Tea mommy.

Nerd Cooper. 

Strange kid Jumbo.

Sad face Cocoa.


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