Day 38 #The100DayProject

Day 38 Oct 17, 2016

These were one of our favorite daily shot. Our model today is Jumbo. He is crazily naughty all the time. Jumbo has lots of energy and loud voice. He roar every day if he doesn’t get to go out for a walk, or he sees modern technology such as iPhone or camera. Only time he will be quite is time for bed, but once he see me, he will go banana like a 5 year old kid.

In these pictures feels like he was saying:

Jumbo: Hey! What are you doing?

Ann: Take a good shot of you.

Jumbo: Camera again? Give me a break! Take us out, let’s go for a run.

Ann: I have to work later. You can play with Cooper.

Jumbo: No! I wanna go out. I want to eat grass! Like a goat!

Ann: Grass? Like a goat? Do you know what goat is like?

Jumbo: um… I don’t. But I want to taste the air of freedom.

Ann: … Are you prisoner?

Jumbo: Anyway when is Kenny coming? He can take us out and he make hell of good egg fried rice.

Ann: Oh ~ you can tell him next time he come to cook you something good and tasty.

Jumbo: So when is he coming?

Ann: Soon.

Jumbo: …

YOLO! Man Roar with me!


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