Day 39 #The100DayProject

Day 39 Oct 18, 2016

Ann says she love the photo that Cooper look at her like ‘She’s my every thing!’

Guanzhiling, Tainan is a nice place for sightseeing. We woke up in the morning and tried to find a place to go for the day on google map. I picked a place randomly and checked online reviews says it’s a nice place to visit. When we arrived the place was very quite, shops were closed and zero tourist, then we realized now was not the tourist season. This place is famous by hot spring and now still autumn.

We found a wall with art paint. I asked Ann to stand over the paint and I want to take some photos of her. Then you can see from the photo, she like the butterfly princess from fairy tale story. All the credit to the powerful iPhone 6 plus. We wants to take family’s photo. But it’s hard to get everyone all together to get a shot. They are out of control when they are out to the field, especially with me. They knew I love them. Cause all the shops were closed we decided to go home after a little walk. 

We saw Urn Chicken meal sign alone the road and I never had it before. So we decided to have an awesome Urn Chicken meal (video) on the way home. I never had chicken roast in this way. Ann told me this is Taiwan traditional way to roast a chicken, different to western style. She surprised I  had eaten more food than her, but I never tried this tasty chicken before. What a waste! The restaurant we went was really delicious. Urn Chicken meal (4 ppl) included a whole chicken and 2 large plates of veggies and a extra large bamboo soup only for NTD$800. I asked Ann can we please come again? The Urn Chicken meal are so delicious. Ann: : )

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These photos were taken at Guanzhiling, Tainan on Nov 7th, 2015.


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