Day 40 #The100DayProject

Day 40 Oct 19, 2016

Taking them to discover new places is what we like to do. Also they are happy as well. Large landscape, fresh air and good weather.

Ann does not come here often. It’s a bit distance from her house. But she’s happy come here every once in a while. Lot’s of people bring their dogs to here. I began to curious why this place hasn’t renovated by government yet? Ann told me maybe the people here has too much memories and feeling, so they don’t want the local authority to change anything.

It was funny Cooper lost us in middle of people. Have to called his name to bring him back. They were just too excited about discover new places and new friends (other dogs). Every new place I been is like I’m walking into her memories to be with her. She said I didn’t participate her past, but I can join her future.

She is beautiful, isn’t she. Look how silly I am.

Cookie was enjoy her moment.


This was taken at old bridge Pingtung on Oct 9th, 2015.


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