Day 41 #The100DayProject

Day 41 Oct 20, 2016

If you are first time in Japan. You must not to miss the national sport SUMO

Japanese wrestle game name SUMO which is two extra large wrestlers push and throw each other out in a circular ring. SUMO has over 400 hundred years history. It has become one of the most important culture into people’s life. Their unique hair style is their symbol which can trace back to Edo period. Salt in Japan and many other Asian countries mean pure. Japanese wrestlers will throw salt around the circular ring to purify the matching ring before the game and given respect. Japan SUMO is like Taiwan national sport baseball broadcast live on TV. People who are interested in SUMO can check the official link below.

Official website: Nihon Sumo Kyokai Official Grand Sumo Home Page

Recommend a popular SUMO manga HINOMARU ZUMOU. Read a couple chapters and you will find you cannot stop reading it. This is a comic book you can find out more about SUMO spirit, culture and more. While we were walking around Ryogoku Station (両国駅) cannot see any SUMO wrestlers. We tried the coffee shop, noodle place and there’s no wrestler on the street. Wonder where did they go? Are they in training? Or they are sleeping at home? When the sky turns dark we decided to go home and we saw lots of SUMO wrestlers were riding on a bicycle towards JR station. I guess they just finish their training and going for dinner together. I told Ann I want to take a photo with them. She said go and stop one of them. Be QUICK! They are passing the JR gate. I stopped one SUMO wrestler in front of vending machine and requested a photo. He say nothing but I know he’s happy to take a photo.


We came to the right place.


Japan legendary sport SUMO


Catch’ya stop him by the vending machine and my legs look very short.


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