Day 42 #The100DayProject

Day 42 Oct 21, 2016

Miyatake Sanuki Udon was the best Japanese noodle I ever had. 

We plan our first oversea trip to Tokyo, Japan. My flight arrived few hours early than Ann. I have plenty of time to find out how to get to city. I bought suica cards for subway and JR line which is very easy to find in Narita International Airport. Ann was so worry we can’t get on the bus or train to city. I told her don’t worry I got this. Even the worst condition is to spend a night in the Airport. I got everything set like ticket, timetable and which high speed rail we should take to downtown while I was waiting for her to arrived.

I was so hungry while I wait for Ann. She told me Japan food are very expensive so we have to chosen our meal wisely. I picked a udon noodle soup with mushroom and it was surprisingly good. Is always a good idea if you in a foreign country and you have no idea what to eat or which is good? Pick a long line is the safest choose and B!I!N!G!O! Mushroom udon was delicious and hot. It warm my cold body. When Ann arrived I asked her if she wants to eat anything before we leave. When we get to our stay will be very late. She was worry we couldn’t catch the subway in downtown, so she did not have any. After we got to the place she was so hungry and nothing to eat. She has to waited til morning.


Miyatake Sanuki Udon in Narita International Airport.

After we came back I think I told her more than 10 times about this delicious mushroom udon noodle soup. She always reply okay, I will try one day. She thought I am so annoying, cause I bring up too many times and still.


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