Day 45 #The100DayProject

Day 45 Oct 24, 2016

Asakusa is one of the best place to explore on foot. It has the well know Senso-Ji(淺草寺) and was built in 7th century.

 Senso-Ji(淺草寺) is highly recommend by Ann. Alto she has no clue how to get there, but she said this is one of the must go place before the trip to Japan. Can’t remember which date it was, but I guess it get very crowded all the time. As you can see in the photos. One side of the road are shops selling local cuisine and yes, she bought Kushi Dango again.

I was holding a fortune slip and smile, but in fact I wasn’t happy at all. The reason is I got a bad sign of  fortune slip. In Senso-Ji(淺草寺) they have a wall you can tie your bad fortune slip (the wall behind me). Monks will take away those bad fortune slip and pray for you. After the pray they will burn the fortune slip. It has the meaning of your trouble goes away, so everyone go home with happy face. 

When we just about to leave. Ann said we should go bad and light the candle. It means to bring good luck and be safe. We are already here and we might not come back again. Why don’t we do it? We have no other plans and no place to go and we have lots of time. Also you met lots bad person in US trip. We should pray to god, tell him to protect you and keep them away. There is no reason to say no. So we went back and light a candle for good luck and fortune.

 Senso-Ji(淺草寺) it’s a great place for photos and I like people come here with good thought in mind.

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Kaminarimon, Sensō-ji (淺草寺), Asakusa.


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