Day 46 #The100DayProject

Day 46 Oct 25, 2016

Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園) is located in Ueno Park which is suitable for all range people to visit. Especially for animal lover like us.

Ueno Zoo was our target to visit, cause I know Japan is a nation with gratitude and thankfulness. We would like to see the animals take care by lots of love from Japan. I would say Ueno Zoo is suit for all age of people. They have the kid zone which you can get in touch with tame animals, such as goat, lama, rabbit, deer (梅花鹿), etc. You can see how Ann wants to touch the goat who was enjoy the sun bath. 

Ueno Park was opened to public in 1873 and it’s famous by it’s culture space. In Ueno Park you will find 4 different museums.  They are the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Science Museum.  Also is one of the highly recommend spot for Hanami a.k.a Sukura. Family and friends will come here at spring time for picnic because some Japanese hanami blossom in Spring.

Ameyoko (アメ横), Ueno is on everyone’s shopping list. After Ueno Zoo we have a mission. Find a drug store and shop for the drugs our family needs. As a traveler to Japan we know we are tax free on lots of goods and people knows Japan produce has good quality drugs. Especially for common daily illness. People working every day for long hours and we all have little problems here and there on our body like dry eyes, stomachache, knee pain, etc. Japanese medicines are more effectiveness and less harmful to our human body. We have no clue on the drugs in Japan. Alice (Ann’s sister) send her a list with photos. She told us if we don’t know what to buy you can follow the list here. Those are the good stuff. Also she did a lot online shopping for the item we don’t know where to get it. I can tell you at the end of the trip we send 2 boxes 30 kg in total by sea post and carry 100 kg luggage home.

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Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園)


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