Day 48 #The100DayProject

Day 48 Oct 27, 2016

First time rose in life.

I am her first and last person to gave her roses. We were at the most famous flower and jade markets in Taipei. You can find all kind of flowers here.  Jianguo Holiday Flower Market (建國假日花市) only open on Saturday and Sunday. Here has two markets one is for flower and planting. The other one is for Jade and antique. Many people come to flower market will bring their puppies. You may not think of dogs will love to hand out in flower market. I know you may question about pollen in the air. I will not tell you here. You can come to this place and discover the answer yourself.

At the entrance of Jade market will have dogs adoption event every week. Family with the kids will come to see and it has a great chance to help them find a home. 

We were enjoyed walking in the flower market with all the good smells. Ann told me she never received a rose before. She wants me to buy her some rose. I said okay and asked her which color she like? She said anything you pick. I picked a pink roses for her which I think the color was very suit for her. The roses was cheaper than I thought and the quality was very good. She can’t wait to take a selfie once she got the flowers.

Ann and Green Tea at Jianguo Holiday Flower Market (建國假日花市), Nov 16th, 2014.

Jianguo Holiday Flower Market (建國假日花市), Nov 16th, 2014.


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