Day 49 #The100DayProject

Day 49 Oct 28, 2016

Hou-tong cat village and Pingxi Sky Lantern are the places you can’t miss.

Hou-tong cat village is a tourist attraction is New Taipei City. Hou-tong was a abandon coal mine. It turns to cat village attraction was many years after people abandon cats there. Some people have found this place had many homeless cat and decided to gave them a little help. Those cats has become recover and sees this place as their home. As people take care of cats, they become tame and chubby. Government transform this place to a tourist attraction with cat image. It has story gallery tells the past coal mining history and how the place become a cat village.

Every cat has its’ own character. The one on our thigh was come to us itself. He know the love of human and want to have some hugs.

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Hou-tong cat village (侯硐貓村), Nov 28th, 2014.

Pingxi Sky Lantern contain people’s wishes and love. We share a great memory here. This is her first time to make wishes on Sky Lantern. People wrote wishes on Sky Lantern and release into sky. The meaning behind the action was people wish the Sky Lantern can reach the sky as higher as possible, so their messages can be pass on to god.

We wish our love can be long lasting forever, families and friends be health and establish a successful business so we will not to worry for money and take care of the lost puppies.

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Pingxi Sky Lantern (平溪天燈), Nov 28th, 2014.


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