Day 54 #The100DayProject

Day 54 Nov 2, 2016

Best coffee and meat pie now in Shibuya.

When I was a kid I saw on TV, western people love any kind of pie. For example the most common pie around the world like apple pie or meat pie. People can eat pie as a meal. I was confused cause I didn’t know people can eat meals without rice or noodle. Couple years ago I was studied in Brisbane, Australia. I have had meat pie from convenience store on the remote high way. It was a terrible experience the meat pie was very dry and hard. It felt like the pie was there for days. Since then, I didn’t like pie anymore.

I was wondering was the taste horrible like this or they leave the pie under the heat light too long and cause it hard and dry? People recommend me to go to a bigger store and it will change my mind. Once I was arrived an hour early before class. I decide to get some food like 6 inch subway or kfc snack box. But there ain’t any close by my college. Suddenly I notice the Pie shop across the street and I saw they just took the pie out from the oven and I can see the steam from far. I was thinking why don’t I give the pie another chance. It might change my mind of the bad experience. I went to this store name Pie face. They draw the difference faces on pie.

Pie face has a great afternoon deal a pie with a small coffee for AUD$5. I remember I was order a steak and mushroom meat pie and a cappuccino. The texture of the pie was so rich and juicy. It’s totally different to the one I had in convenience store. After that I was in love with pie and I had pie and coffee every week til I graduated.  

I was so happy I saw Pie face in Shibuya, Japan. I can share one of my favorite food to Ann. She said I always share the good stuff to her and she’s so happy to have me. 

Pie face, Shibuya, 2016


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