Day 56 #The100DayProject

Day 56 Nov 4, 2016

2 years ago today we be together. 2 years today we married.

I was always wonder how those people get married so quick with new person they met. But not the person they used to date for years. When it happens to me I realized. It was not how long you stay with the person or how long you guys has been together. It just the right person hasn’t showed up. When you getting married with someone you will realized that here he/she is. 

Once you want to married to someone. I will tell you that is your true love. Cause the person who married to you is going to spend the life time with you. Every thing he/she does is for you and you always come first. This is my situation.

I know lots of marriages weren’t like this. Lots of people married twice and they always says the first time marriage was too young and impulsed. Here I have to said sorry to my wife. She doesn’t like to heard any thing about ex-girlfriend, but this is something you may want to know. Ex-girlfriend she wants to get married as soon as possible. Otherwise, she won’t consider this were a serious relationship. I felt 4 years time she was given me the pressured of form a family and get more responsibility.

At that time I was very confused and not sure was I ready to get married or not. Thanks to a lady married twice who I met on the train. The lady was talkative and her personality wasn’t the type I can tolerant with. I was thinking why don’t I tell her my problem? Western did not like to received bad news and she might not want to continue the talk, so I told her what was bothering me recently.

I did not think of the lady will gave me a best personal experience advice ever. Here I would like to thank her and her personal experience advice. She has married twice. From her experience she told me “Don’t have to rush to get married. Take your time to think through. Don’t get married if you don’t want to. I am happy with my second husband. Also I’m still friend with my ex-husband.” She said a lot to me, but the most important I remember was “No one can make the decision for you.” So I decided to wait not to married. I’m glad I made the decision, otherwise I wouldn’t met my wife now. 

Before I met anyone I already had in my mind. I don’t want to get married so early. I want to married at age early 30th. Ann and I we married on Jun 30th, 2016 and I am 30th this year. I think she will like the story and glad I didn’t marry to someone else.


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