Day 57 #The100DayProject

Day 57 Nov 5, 2016

March 2009 I got my driver licence and my first manual car. 

Can’t remember how I find this car, but my Aussie share mate Adam who gave lots of help. Adam drove me to the car dealer and test drive the car for me. Overall, it was a good car with a fair price. (FIY, Adam is the best Aussie I ever met.) I got it for AUD$3,500 dollars.

This car got away from me quickly and this is how it happens. One day I woke up late and I decided to crab a subway for breakfast (Subway in Australia is really delicious). I ordered my favorite foot long chicken fillet with southwest sauce. Subway to my share house only 5 mins by car. I was stopping at the red light and the car behind me just bump into my car suddenly. 

When I got off and saw the guy I was speechless. This Indian guy wear slipper and his pant was too long to touch the floor. He came up and asked if I got hurt. I hurt my neck but is not a big deal and I know will be recover in few days. He said he was sorry, but I wasn’t sure if he was really felt sorry or just saying. He told me he didn’t hit the break properly because his pants was too long so he got slip. I was little upset, cause this was my first car. I told him you shouldn’t wear slipper to drive as well. What a stupid dumb ass he is.

His insurance scammed me said my car was damaged so they cannot pay me full amount AUD$3,500 dollars. They can only pay me AUD$2,900 dollars for the damage car or fix it. I asked help from friends they recommend me to take the money instead of fix it. I had no experience, so I took the advised. In fact, I should let them to fixed my car so I wouldn’t lost AUD$600 dollars. I wish I could had this car a bit longer.

It was not a happy subway meal after all.

1998 PROTON PERSONA (low k), 2010


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