Day 58 #The100DayProject

Day 58 Nov 6, 2016

Guanshan sunset (關山晚霞) is one of the famous spot for photographer.

This time in Pingtung Ann took me to explore a fabulous local spot. First we went to her secret cliff spot with Cooper. This place has the best view of the Pacific Ocean. Not much people will come here watch the view, cause there are no sign on the road. Only known by locals. The day was very sunny and windy. We were afraid Cooper will blow away by a gale. We have to watched him with care in case he fall of from the cliff. Cooper has very light weight only 2kg. 

Cooper was so happy to be out here with us. This was his first time to came out with us without any others. His tale will be up high when he got home. Jumbo and Cocoa will check him where he go for the whole day. Guanshan is a nice place for photo shooting. It’s hard to find a good spot without people. After enjoy the mountain and cliff tour we had a quick dinner and went home watch DVD. What a great day.

Guanshan 關山晚霞,Apr 4th, 2015


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