Day 59 #The100DayProject

Day 59 Nov 7, 2016

When the sky cover by darkness. I will always find you.

First time to impressed Ann was by the word I respond to this image. She found an image online and send it to me. She told me this is her cover by hopeless darkness and people see her in this way too. She felt the world is falling apart. I told her “Don’t have to be so desperate. Everything has both sides. If you said this picture represent you, but I see you as the brightest star in the sky differently, cause you are the star. When ever you go you will shine. I can found you immediately in the crowd. The person be there for you just hasn’t showed up. You need to give him some more time to find you.” She said no one every told her like that and she felt so thankful.

We all know what’s the feel like if someone exclusive by people. The person will felt so lonely and desperate. Not accepting by this world. I decided to be there for her and support her. To let he feel the sky will not be so dark anymore. To let her know the sky will be clear as blue one day. To let her know there is always hope waiting for you. 

But I never knew I will be the person she’s waiting. She said she hate me why I let her wait so long! Ever thing has both sides and we sees it differently. 




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