Day 60 #The100DayProject

Day 60 Nov 8, 2016

Do you believe fall in love can change A person?

See the photos she send me. She never smile in any of them. Those were the photos she took before she met me and after she still not believe that she fall in a relationship was true.

Before she met me.

These are the photos she start believe in. She hasn’t been comfortable to take a selfie as a regular thing, but she’s trying hard to please me and let me know she’s happy with the one she dating.

After she met me.

I know the power of love can change a person. Is the same power of believe in God. The faith you have on someone who will give you strength and support. All the hard work you done, he sees all. Just have a little faith on him/her and be patient. Every thing will be fine.

Focus on building YOUR gifts. God will take care of the rest!  –  Twitter


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