Day 61 #The100DayProject

Day 61 Nov 9,2016

First Confucian Temple (臺南孔子廟) was built in Tainan. Also is the first one I went with Ann and Green Tea. 

It was a great sunny day for tour to Tainan Confucian Temple. NT$50 for an adult ticket is worth to see. Tainan Confucian Temple was built in 1666. It’s one of very few building hasn’t been changed and keep it’s original for centuries. Lot’s of Taiwan people and foreigners visit this historical place daily. 

When we were young we been tough Confucian is everyone teacher. He has great affect on Chinese Culture. You can learn so much more from his book and the words he pass on. He has strong influence on our nation which Taiwan people are so friendly and kindness to foreigners. People will mark his words as their motto. Example below

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.” – Confucian

Lots of the people has set a high boundary for themselves. Especially for those who are in high position will not request unreachable mission to their subordinates. This is one of the common motto known by people. Also you can easily discover in works in Taiwan. One of my previous boss was like this.

We took some good photos and had a very salty fried instant noodles in the alley across the temple. Green Tea looks very funny with hula costumes.

Quan Tai Shou Xue (全臺首學), Apr 3rd, 2015


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