Day 62 #The100DayProject

Day 62 Nov 10, 2016

See through the imperfect love. A different way to confess her love.

Guys will never know what Girls has in mind and I wasn’t sure what Ann was thinking? Our conversation start to become like closed friend after weeks chat. She start to send me photos of herself. She told me no one is perfect in this world. Being an imperfect person better than a perfect person. You will know what is missing and you will know what you looking for. She said I’m like a magnet. Magnetic her to discover more about me. Of course I send her photos of me and people I hand out with. I don’t have real friend in Taiwan which I want to build long term relationship step by step with anyone.

I didn’t know Ann has never had a boyfriend or be in a relationship. Usually, girls will have lease 2 or 3 guys being around. So it’s hard to imagine she’s single til she met me. Be in a relationship is not easy. Stay in a relationship is much more harder. The trick to stay in relationship and maintain it is ‘never ask too much’. This trick I learn from internet and look back to few relationships I had. The theory is correct and I’m glad to keep it this way.

We are not perfect, but we have each others. We commit this relationship will be long lasting til we die.


I don’t need A perfect relationship. I just need you.


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