Day 64 #The100DayProject

Day 64 Nov 12, 2016

Over 3 hrs drive from south to north Taiwan just for the best tattoo artiest. 

Ann has booked with the tattoo artiest at the begging 2015. I was so surprise the artiest is so popular. Ann told me she has the top skills and experience. Also she an animal helper. Ann had her branch tattoo at artiest house years ago before she open her own tattoo workshop.

Before we go I thought Ann already know what she wants for her new tattoo. She asked me what tattoo she should put on this time and you have to think carefully cause this is forever. I was like whatttt? We spent another 30 mins to think of new tattoo when we arrived the place. I look for flowers which can match the branch on her forearm.

Sakura Japanese cherry blossoms was the final decision. Tattoo artiest put 7 flowers on her forearm. Each flower represent her love one (pets) and I’m in one of them (I am human). It took 8 hours to completed the work. Green Tea and I has no where to go. We just have a little walk at the park near by every couple hours.

Ann also tattoo a sentence to show her loyalty to love. “I don’t need a perfect relationship. I just need you.” – unknown. Ann wants to show me her determination of her love only to one person and no one else. 

Tattoo 竹北愛的刺青日,Aug 5th, 2015

Awesome Pepper Shrimp restaurant recommend by tattoo artiest.


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