Day 65 #The100DayProject

Day 65 Nov 13, 2016

World class Chimei Museum in Tainan.

Second time to Chimei Museum and didn’t prepare any clothes to change. I was not expect to join the swim with Jumbo. They were crazy on the second they saw gooses next to pond. Ann was worry they will go after those gooses. I said they don’t have the courage to go after something larger than their size. Seems I was wrong. Very wrong! 

5 of them like Spartans army rush to numbers of gooses with no fear. Jumbo and Cocoa has no second thought and jump into pond when the gooses escape into pond. Cocoa found something was wrong right after she jumped into pond. She never learn how to swim and turn back right away. I can grab her back to solid land. We called Jumbo from shore side, but he couldn’t swim back to us. I have to jumped into pond and swim to him. People were watching at shore side but no one know how deep it was, until the water over my head. Lucky him to have me got him back. Otherwise, he may have a chat with god now.

The water was very dirty and my skin turns red like Urticaria symptom. I had a quick rinse by water which has no help. We went back to the car and used wet wipes and it only got worse. I felt hot and burn on the skin. Can’t wait any longer we drove back to home and shower everyone.

What a busy day.

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  Chimei Museum 奇美博物館Apr 3rd, 2016


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