Day 66 #The100DayProject

Day 66 Nov 14, 2016

Journey to never fit bodybuilding. 

First time to know about workout and gym was in Australia 2005. At that time I was 48-50 kg and I have no idea of workout in a gym. Gym? Is that the indoor sport center we used to have in high school? Where people play basketball? Number of questions pumped into my head.

After visit the gym and join for membership. I was started from smith machine which can support me away from harm. Couple months I joined the gym. I started to notice that there are lots of people love to come to the gym and workout. Not just for get in shape, but build a better life style as well.

The first 6 months has no result on me. People told me if you want to gain size. You need to input some protein into your body and it will start to work. I have no idea how protein can work on me or which protein should I get? I found a supplement store in Garden City Center, Brisbane. They introduced me a protein shake with high carbs and high protein. They said if I want to put on size and this is what you need. Then I put on 5 kg fast for next 6 months.

I put on 20 kg for the time I was in Australia. I looks a lot better with the weight I put on, but I never had in shape. Dominos Pizza every Tuesday night start from half price in Australia wide and Nando’s roast chicken and PERi PERi chips once a week or more. Small meal combo from Maccas and Hungry Jacks before work every week. I love fast food to much that I cannot resist.




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