Day 67 #The100DayProject

Day 67 Nov 15, 2016

Shit car with good engine.

This Honda Civic was an excellent performance car. I can control steering wheel with one finger only. I bought this car from a friend who work as a car dealer. He was helping his friend to sell this car. The car outlook was in bad shape. Big hole on the passenger side which was monitor to be. Rain link into my back seat through the boot. Flat tire on the first couple day I got the car and I was in danger and I did not know. I drove the car on the free way from Brisbane City back to South side. I found the car was unstable to hold and my friend told me to slow down cause the car was kind of drifting. I was on the speed limit which it caught my attention of the wire sign. Next day I found the car was tilt to one side. Then I realized if I was go on too fast the car might slide and 4 others in the car I have to took the responsibility. Car dealer friend came and took me to get a new second hand tire. 

This Honda Civic was very hard to sale due to too many damages. I love this car. Too bad I only had it for couple months. The car was very smooth to drive and I improved my driving skill a lot on this car. So I felt a bit sad that have to let her go. Cause I know it will be more hard to sale if I keep it longer.

p.s. The look and shape is a lot better than Taiwan version.

1997 HONDA CIVIC GLI, 2010


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