Day 69 #The100DayProject

Day 69 Nov 17, 2016

Amazing Thai food at Very Thai restaurant.

Ann and her mom come to Taipei to congrats Alice (Ann’s sister) and her husband open a new dumpling restaurant. Ann and I were helping them to manage the storage in the basement at their shop. Their restaurant has a good start by open next to an elementary school.

Ann told me open a restaurant ain’t an easy job. Especially franchise restaurant. Alice’s husband has to be trained in other dumpling shop non-paid for 3 months. It’s a hard time if you have family to feed and making no money. Lots of pressure on them before open a restaurant. Lucky everything was going well and the business is good.

Alice wants to thanks us and her mom was here in Taipei. She invited me to join them for dinner at Very Thai restaurant. These 3 dishes are the dishes I very like. Moon shrimp cakes with sweat and sour sauce, satay chicken sticks and green chicken curry. This is a fancy restaurant I will not come when I by myself. Thanks to Alice invited me to dinner.

Very Thai 非常泰概念餐坊,May 18th, 2015


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