Day 70 #The100DayProject

Day 70 Nov 18, 2016

My hair hasn’t been shot like this for years.

When I was in Australia most of the people were shot hair. Not much people will have long hair. Expect young Aussie teenager. My hair was short, but not short like this time. First thing join the military service they will shaved your hair under 1 cm. How to define your hair is in qualify length? The army standard is when they put their hand on your head, they won’t see any hair come through between fingers.

Yutan Waterfall is a great place to explore and fit in the environment.  When season is changing the color of leafs are changing as well. In the photos was Winter. Caterpillar will turn into butterfly in Spring. This Yutan Waterfall takes about 40 mins up and down. People came here to enjoy negative ion brings by waterfall. Lots of elders love to explore trails all over Taiwan. A day out of City is what people need.

Yutan Waterfall 雲潭瀑布, 2013 


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